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Don't just send in money to pay the fine

You may think that it's just a minor violation and not a big deal. But in reality, every little traffic violation can add up. It can increase your insurance rates costing you money and too many can cause you to lose your license and may keep you from getting certain jobs. And what if you weren't actually guilty of what you were cited for? Before you send in any payment, make sure you call us so that you know all the details and all of the options for your case.

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If you're facing a DUI or DWI charge, you're likely aware of how damaging that can potentially be. But did you also know that there are many areas that can help your cause? Everything from your blood alcohol level, what type of test was performed and many other aspects can provide misinformation that may work against you. Our experienced legal professionals will study every aspect of your case so that you get justice.

Protect your way of life

 •  DUI and DWI offenses

 •  Traffic related offenses

 •  No license offenses

Protect your driving rights against these charges

 •  Reckless driving

 •  Hit and runs

 •  Invalid license offenses

We provide representation in these other areas

 •  Wills and probate

 •  Bankruptcy

As an American citizen, you are entitled by law to proper legal representation. Call today and let us put our 40 years of experience toward helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your legal matter.

Don't try to face your legal battles alone. Call today to get the legal advice and representation you need.